Ralph & Russo

Launching a line of sneakers with a high fashion couture brand

Alongside Bryan James, who initial led the Creative Direction of the project, as well as our developers at Parallax. We created and fine tuned an interactive experience that allowed Ralph & Russo to sell out their first line of sneakers in record time!

As a creative team, we took the idea for 4.0 and allowed the user to only see each sneak profile for 4 seconds before the mask revealed the next sneaker. This, matched with a mask that revealed the next sneaker before exploding after 4 seconds was up, created a sense of urgency and prestige to the already high-end sneakers.

Period: 2020
Role: Digital Design
Agency: Parallax
Special mentions: Bryan James for Creative Direction


Email graphic

Advertising the launch through social assets

As well as designing an online experience for the launch, we drummed up hype on their social channels through curated pieces of content which showed glimpses of the sneakers.

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