Optical Express


Optical Express

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The Project

To coincide with Optical Express’s national rebrand, we overhauled the information architecture and UI design. I designed interfaces alongside & under the direction of Head of Design Louis Saville. Due to the scale of the project, sections were broken up into sprints before we moved to the next.


Agency: Parallax

Roles: User Interface. Responsive Design. Icon Design.

1 home.jpg
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The problem…

Being a website for the elderly or people or poor sight, this created an accessibility challenge. During the discover and wireframing phase, we noticed that there were only old-school ways of booking appointments. So we designed and built a fast & easy way for users to book online.

3 booking.jpg
3 icons.png

They couldn’t see straight

We combatted this using a high contrast and bright colour pallette. And broke information down into easily understandable steps to ease concerns about Optical Express’s procedures. In total, 100+ screens must have been designed, doubling that for responsive designs.

4 phones.jpg