Leeds Rowing Club


Leeds Rowing Club

Raising the Bow in rowing club website standards


The Project

In my spare time, I row for the city of Leeds’ Rowing Club, quite passionately. I decided that their digital presence wasn’t up to scratch and looked like an early-2000s wordpress template to took it upon myself to redesign the whole experience.


Personal Passion Project

Roles: Full Creative Direction from reordering Information Architecture to Front End Development using Webflow

website in development

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The problem…

After talking with crewmates and stakeholders, I found that the main problem with the rowing club website was that the right information wasn’t easily accessible and therefore it wasn’t converting visitors into signing up to row for the club or learn to row. Wanting to practice and learn new skills on a side project, I decided to redo the site on the side to combat these problems.

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I designed and built the Leeds Rowing Club website a brand new digital presence with a clean and modern design that allows users to get the heart of what Leeds Rowing Club is about.

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I worked with a videographer to direct and product a promo video that plays in the background when people visit the site. Instantly communicating the benefits of teamwork and friendship that a rowing club brings, instead of the gruelling hours of training on a rowing machine.