AMT Group


AMT Group

Bringing a local vehicle leasing, rental and specialist car service a head start


Everything in One place

Since 1995, AMT Group has slowly grown to service all vehicle needs for business and consumers around the North of England. With the team at Parallax, we aided AMT’s digital strategy in how they could bring all of their business arms into one cohesive design system to give them enough engine room for the future of the business.


Agency: Parallax

Roles: Everything from the scoping and discovery up to handing design files to development.

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Growing pains

Through AMT’s growth of their several business arms, a problem had a arisen that each one felt disjointed from the rest and their was no cohesiveness. Following our successful design of the AMT Leasing website the year prior, part of our strategy was to bring all arms under one hood of an online home.

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Making advanced searching not so advanced

What is unique about AMT is that they’re not your regular leasing service, which gives them a largest networks of dealerships to source lease cars for their clients from, be it personal or business, and at great prices to boot. We designed an easy to use Advanced Search for users who are indifferent to what manufacturer but would rather have a specific car for their needs.

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